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    Survival / Bushcraft Cord

    The survival bracelet by itself is great. However, many different things can be added to a fish and fire paracord bracelet. Items like a compass, whistle buckle, watch, or an additional fire starting aid. Any of these add to the usefulness of the paracord survival bracelet.

    Any paracord project that is made to take into the wilderness can be made with the fish and fire paracord. For fishing it would help to have the pieces of cord used at least five feet long. Five feet of fishing line would keep you very close to the shore or bank. For example, wrap a knife, hatchet or ax handle with fish and fire cord. You could make a paracord key chain or belt.  All these things would provide cord, fishing line and the jute fire starter aid if you need them. 
    Survival / Bushcraft Cord

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